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Future Builders is a non-profit builder community, with our mission to empower underrepresented founders and help them unlock their startup potential.

Through mentorship programs, hackathons, pitch competitions, and meetups, we guide builders toward becoming successful startup entrepreneurs.

We cultivate founding teams and pave the way for entry into incubators and initial funding rounds.

MentorX Program

MentorX is a non-profit program with a mission to support and empower underrepresented groups within the startup ecosystem.

Adhering to the Pay-It-Forward principle, our mentors are dedicated experts motivated by their passion to make a positive impact by sharing their expertise and providing resources.

The program is entirely free, We want to ensure that the program remains accessible to all qualified individuals without financial barriers.

Application Process

Applicants are required to submit their LinkedIn profiles and articulate their mentorship goals.

Mentorship Duration

The mentorship program operates between three to six months.

Selection Criteria

A minimum of three program mentors must endorse each applicant's participation.

Approval is based on a review of the applicant's past achievements and their potential to benefit from the mentorship program.

Matching Process

Mentorship pairings will be determined through mutual selection.

each mentee can be paired with one mentor at any given time.

Mentors may choose to mentor multiple mentees based on their own capacity and availability.

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We host Hackathons in different tracks in major cities in U.S

Workshop & Panel

workshops and panels to facilitate developer growth and networking

We organize in-person meetups in various cities


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Founder Investor Networking Dinner

(Seattle Tech Week)

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Google IO

Extension Event

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The Future of AI Infra: a Deep Dive & Panel Discussion

Future AI Builder Hackathon

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Monthly Meetup

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